OFNL are an open access network, and are committed to providing quality, value and choice to residents who live in homes connected to its ultra-fast Fibre to the Home network.

OFNL is in discussions with a number of UK telecom companies and actively encourages service providers to connect to the fibre network. OFNL are excited by increasing the range of service providers who can deliver their services to residents and details will be published when new service providers become available.

OFNL are happy to agree a contract with any service provider who is not currently contracted to deliver services across the OFNL infrastructure. This is dependent on this preferred service provider agreeing terms with OFNL.

If you would like to see an additional service provider in your area, please log your interest with OFNL by contacting us and we will make every effort to approach the service provider.

Below is a list of service providers who currently provide ultra-fast broadband across the OFNL network.

Click on links below to go to the individual service provider websites. You will then be able to find the best offers for you.

Business Service Providers